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March 28, 2019

  • Mykola Oleksiienko

    Mrr: Make React Reactive uk
  • Alexey Raspopov

    In Soviet Union interface touches you ru

    The ability to explore user’s data is the thing that makes data visualization efficient. Ability to ask more questions beyond what was scripted initially brings more focus to the data itself, not just fancy colors or blocks. Let’s talk about a single use case where the interaction scenarios is the thing that makes data viz useful and how to implement them efficiently

Lightning talks

February 7, 2019

Lightning talks

October 26, 2018

  • Andrey Salomatin

    API дизайн: уроки известных проектов ru
  • Viktor Havrylin

    Server Driven Rendering ru
  • Max Bezugly

    Когда и почему нужно "изобретать велосипед" на примере сложного кейса ru

April 26, 2018

  • Evgeny Kozhura

    Web Audio in Action: a Patchable Synthesizer ru
  • Oleksandr Syrotenko

    Multithreading JavaScript. Myth or Reality? ru

Lightning talks

  • Kostiantyn Denysov

    How to Refactor Old Code and Not Die at the Same Time ru
  • Stas Gavrylov

    Seamless SVG Workflow in create-react-app without Ejecting ru

5 December 2015

  • Ivan Lavriv

    Data Access with OrbitJS
  • Andrii Muzalevskyi

    Interactive Path Search in Javascript
  • Artem Sychov

    Learning How to Learn

17 November 2012

календар DOU

  • Paul M

  • Vladimir Agafonkin

  • Yehor Nazarkin

  • Artem Zakharchenko

  • Alexander Solovyov

  • Artem Bey

  • Vyacheslav Pytel

  • Andrew Druchenko

  • Yulia Puchnina

  • Silvestrov Yuriy

  • Mikhail Valkov

  • Eugene Zharkov

  • Yaroslav Ponomarenko

  • Yehor Lvivski

  • Vitaliy Stepanenko

  • Eugene Naumenko